About Me

Susie G. MurphyI’m Irish and have been hanging about on this planet for around three decades.

During that time, I have been a library cataloguer, a shop assistant, a market research interviewer, an office manager and a piano teacher, and I am now working very hard to add ‘author’ to the list.

Here are a few more essential facts about me…

I don’t drink tea or coffee (I really am Irish, I swear).

I have lived for a substantial time in six different counties – I now reside in Kildare but I’m from Tipperary.

As a piano teacher, I get to teach beautiful pieces by Chopin, Mendelssohn and Debussy but, without fail, it’s Mary Had a Little Lamb that gets stuck in my head.

I can recite all the colours of Joseph’s amazing technicolour dreamcoat at top speed in one breath.

I don’t go to very many gigs but I have seen Josh Ritter eight times, three of which were in the same year, two of which were in the same week. I’m not obsessed. Honest.

When I was young, my mammy and I won a sandcastle competition on a summer holiday in England – there were some pretty spectacular sand sculptures on display but the judges gave us the prize because we were the only ones that built an actual castle. Stick to the brief, people.

I wrote my first ‘novel’ when I was eleven – entitled The Rabbits’ Journey, it was eleven pages long and an unashamed plagiarism of Watership Down.